Want to be prepared

Fixed that for you.


Their dinning reviews are usually good the others are more of an open forum.


Hey missed you the last few days.

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I have been tweaking my plans like crazy the last few days. It is driving my husband crazy. I thought watching some vlogs might help me with that problem!

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Which one? Dis or DFB?

We had a thread for apps not too long ago, this should give you some ideas:

I assume he meant DIS, since the DFB doesn’t have open forums. DIS does all the time.

DIS. I think Pete feels this lets them be more honest.

Is Pete the older guy? (I forget their names.)

We were recently watching one where he was doing a review one of the hotel rooms at BLT I think it was. Anyhow, I swear he just kept saying, “This is really nice, guys. I can’t tell you. It is nice. Really nice. I’m just impressed. It is so nice. Really nice. I mean, wow. This is nice.”

Okay. I get it. You think it is really nice. But we didn’t need you to say it over and over for 15 minutes! :slight_smile: I just wish they could be a bit more efficient with the time they spend, editing better, or preparing better. As a result, I find myself only watching them if I’m REALLY REALLY interested. Really interested. You know? Like interested, a lot. Really. :wink:

On the other hand, A.J. on DFB may repeat herself a lot, and show a lot of the same footage, but she is efficient about it, makes it interesting, and, honestly, has a speaking voice that is just lovely to listen to. Her vlogs aren’t perfect. The repeated same footage across videos sometimes gets old, and there are times where I think, “Is there anything she DOESN’T like at Disney?” She is always very nice about things. And yet, when there is a new video, I find myself wanting to watch it with my wife…even if it is something we don’t really care that much about!

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Yes Pete is the older guy with the flat top. I like AJ also but sometime I feel they or she leaves out details why they like something or dislike.

ah, I was actually reading that as if you meant “more open to debate by the viewer” hahah.

And that’s why I don’t really watch the Dis much at all. I find their views either extremely vague, like you just pointed out, or they will lavish praise or criticism on things I would find very inconsequential. I remember watching one vid and the guy was just complaining continually because the service was a tad slow during an extremely busy time. Another where they were thrilled that they emptied the trash cans or something.

As far as DFB, agreed on all points, but I have seen her complain when things change, and for good or worse makes no difference. The one that springs to mind was the carrot cake cookie. Which is still absolutely delicious, but to hear her describe it seemed that I should’ve expected something pulled out of a dumpster.

I think in the case of you and I, we’re in it for different reasons. Food is the LEAST likely reason we would watch a video, even with DFB…despite “Food” being in the name! :slight_smile:

The other thing I think sets DFB ahead for me is that they are constantly using park footage as opposed to sitting around a studio with the camera SUPER FRIGGIN CLOSE to their faces with only a few cuts to show what they’re talking about here and there.

It’s a bit uncomfortable to watch when you can see nosehairs. :rofl:

Because we are flying the Delta app, Amazon movie app and download a few movies for offweb watching, and the FB messenger app since it’s free during the flight. Other than those I try too keep apps at a minimum.

Yes. I agree with that!

But I wish I could tell A.J. to swap out ONE bit of footage from her videos. Because it drives me mad. There is a scene where it is a long shot of the castle, and there is a pair of people on the left curb where one accidentally misses it and stumbles. I now anticipate it, and find myself willing the person to watch out! Never works, of course, and the poor person stumbles over and over every single video it seems! :wink:

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HAHAHAHAHAH YES!!! That poor girl constantly missing the curb. I feel so bad for her that she’s immortalized in the weirdest way possible. It’s doubly weird when they do the same shot twice or more in the same video.

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A good weather app. Some mention Dark Sky or Accuweather.

I tried Accuweather for a while. Turned out not to be terribly inaccurate. I also tried Weather Underground and Weather Bug. Neither were so great. I had previously used The Weather Channel app, but hated all the advertisements and click bait. But recently they revamped their app, and I’ve now returned to it. I like it much better now, and find it to be more accurate than the other weather apps I’ve tried.

The Lyft app if you don’t already have it set up. You will need it to use Minnie Vans (or regular Lyft service).

YouTubers I like other than those already mentioned are Adam Hattan and This Orlando Life. Neither are terribly informative but just fun to watch if you want to feel like you’re in the parks.

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Oh. Speaking of apps, our family starting using Life 360 to be able to know where each other is located. We tried it out at Cedar Point and it came in handy a couple times. It will make our Disney trip nice when we’re separated into groups and want to know where everyone is. (Only downside is that it uses up your battery faster.)

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