Want to be a star (on TouringPlans)?

You’re already a star. We know it. But we need a new image for the testimonial at https://touringplans.com/hollywood-studios (RIP Osborne Lights). So if you have some adorable kids doing Jedi Training Academy or the whole family meeting Sorcerer Mickey or a great interaction with a Green Army Man and a story about how TouringPlans made your day at DHS easier than you’re willing to share, let me know - laurel@touringplans.com. The best photos are square or landscape.



Do Memory Maker/Photo Pass pictures work, or do they need to be pictures from our own camera?

Oooh @LaurelStewart I have some good Jedi Training pics from HS as well as a great pic of my hubby and kids walking down an empty street (except for them and two cast members!) at HS, which we got to experience b/c of the early H&V breakfast res finder got us!

That is a good question. I think yes. I believe once you purchase Photopass you own the copyright to the photo.

Yes that is correct! I asked them that once.

I think, from a technicality standpoint, Disney maintains the copyright for a Photopass photo but gives you relatively unlimited rights to use it.

The exception would be for commercial use, which might apply in this case. I’d urge caution and a careful review of terms and conditions before using a Photopass photo in this manner.

@Kevin_Krom is correct - looking at a 2012 PhotoPass license it explicitly says “non-commercial use” and precludes a 3rd party doing so either. TouringPlans is obviously commercial and thus would be a violation of copyright.

Here’s the 2012 agreement if anyone wants to see it: https://goo.gl/M3H1e4

I don’t remember seeing an agreement in our most recent PhotoPass downloads, but I’d presume it hasn’t gotten any less restrictive…