Want one day at Typhoon Lagoon

We currently have a 3 day Magic Your Way ticket. Earmarked for Magic Kingdom - Epcot - Magic Kingdom. We want to spend our fourth day at Typhoon Lagoon. How does this work? Adding the Waterpark option to our tickets seems expensive and wasteful, getting us 3 days of access when we only want to go once. I guess we can buy a one day ticket onsite… how much does that cost? I had thought that we could simply add a fourth day to the MYW ticket and use it on a water park, but was told that the normal tickets can only be used on the theme parks. Is that correct?

Yes thats correct. Your option is wp&m or a single day ticket which us about the same price Sorry . Also wp&m includes mini golf and Disney Quest which can be used on the same or other days within the 14 day period

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Thanks! I’m surprised, this seems like an odd policy to not include the waterparks as parks on MYW.