Wand question

My family and I are planning a trip to Universal. I have a 10 year old boy who is not a huge Harry Potter fan… he hasn’t read the books yet… he could be by Feb when our trip is planned. However, he has expressed an interested in an interactive wand. I like to take care of as much as possible before the trip. Is this something I should purchase online before the trip or does the experience of purchasing it in the store make the wait worthwhile. Any advice would be appreciated.

Definitely purchase onsite @gregmelaid!!! The package alone is beautiful and the experience of having your wand choose you… PRICELESS!!!

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Good to know. Thanks!

Wait until you get there. If he lucky and chosen for the wand show then the whole experience will be really magical. If not, it is still worthwhile for him to pick out his own wand at the store.

If he hasn’t already seen the movies, I would highly recommend watching at least the first two or three movies before your trip. You will all enjoy seeing the details of the movie come alive in the two WWOHP areas! I agree that the wands should be purchased in the park! Be aware that the boxes for the interactive wands are pretty large, too large to fit in many of the lockers. If you are staying on-site, you can have the shop send just the box back to your hotel or you may be able to have them send the box to the front to pick up on your way out. We also found the interactive wands to be a little awkward to carry around at the park. Our “park bag” was not large enough to hold it so it was sticking out of the bag and I worried that the interactive tip would get damaged. Before we go back, I am going to order one of these Wand Carrier Holster at Etsy.com.

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Great advice! Thanks!

Interesting. I have seen some of the non-interactive ones and they didn’t seem too long. How long are the interactive ones? I want to be prepared…

They will tell you in Olivanders which wands are locker frIendly and which ones are too long. The staff are amazingly helpful.

I highly recommend reading the books together out loud! It will make more sense to him and you will love them too! Read in the car, read on trips, read everywhere!

Yes, we have all of the HP books on CD and my daughter loves to listen to them on long car rides.