Wand holder idea

DD uses a Brita water bottle. Before our last trip, I’d made her lanyard for her bottle. I could have bought one, but I had some unicorn fabric to use. She tucked her wand into the holder. It worked out great.
The only problem was that at first she let the bottle drag on the ground and that weakened the fabric and the wand poked through. I’d had some spare fabric that I safety pinned in place that stopped that. Our fabric was a thin knit, so I would imagine that anything else wouldn’t have had that problem.


Would love to see a pic!!

That sounds like a good idea. I just looked through our photos and I didn’t get one. The masks make me sad, so I didn’t really take photos of this trip. I will see if I can locate her wand and I’ll take a photo.


That sounds very clever. I would also like to see a pic to fully understand what you made.
Well done :clap:t3:

Sorry for the huge delay. It takes me a long time to download photos. I couldn’t find DD’s wand, so I stuck in a couple of big straws in their place.


I’m glad you clarified cuz I was going to have some fun about … those being straws and not wands … :rofl:

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