Wand guide?

Is there a list available of all the interactive wand stuff?

What are you trying to find out? Are you trying to find out where the different spell locations are? If so, the wand comes with a map that shows the locations, and if you lose your map, you can get another one by visiting Ollivanders. Additionally, there are plates on the ground that indicate the locations where the spells are.

I believe there are few secret ones that do not have the plate as well that you can only find if you look at the map in Knockturn Alley (blacklight). Come someone confirm this? I didn’t try it myself, but I had read it.


There are a few secret spots that aren’t listed on the map. I know one is in front of the apothecary shop in Diagon Alley. I think there is one in Knockturn Alley as well.


That is correct. There is one by the spiders in Knockturn Alley and the other in front of the apothecary shop, as @dreamer said. There are no secret ones in Hogsmeade.

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Thanks for the info, everybody!

Can you use an express pass on the wand show? I presume buying a wand is best done first thing in the morning? Does the shop get horrendously busy later in the day? We will be there at a busy time.

Based on your post in a related thread, you might consider doing the wand show, but Not buying a wand then. Wait until later after you’ve done the rides to avoid the lockers, and then go and buy your wands from Gregoravich’s (or whatever it is called…suddenly blanking) when you are ready to do the spells.


Updating what I said earlier, when I was in Diagon Alley last week, I asked about the spider hidden spell. I was told there used to be a spell in that area, but there no longer is and the large spider comes out at random. I cannot confirm or deny this, but just passing it along in case anyone gets frustrated by it. Also, I forgot to mention that in addition to the hidden spell at Slug and Jiggers, there is also a hidden spell in the other window by Scribbulus.

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