Walt Disney World is rubbish!

So I’ve booked my dream vacation to WDW – I’ve got my FPP for FOP, and my reservations at CRT and BOG. It couldn’t be more wonderful and I couldn’t be happier :smiley:

And then I made the mistake of reading about D23 :astonished:

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. Revamp of Epcot. Disney Skyliner. New Mickey Ride. Toy Story Land. And all the rest!

So now I’m hugely disappointed at my rubbish visit to this year’s rubbishy old WDW :yum:

(And don’t say I’ll just have to come back in a few years time! At my current rate I visit WDW once every 25 years. And I’m not sure I’ve got another 25 years left! Plus, unless kidneys grow themselves back and someone puts the money back in my 401k, I don’t know how I’d pay for it :laughing:)

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Life changes so here is always hope! That being said I loved wdw before new Fanatsy Land or Pandora. I loved it before Soarin and Everest too. Have you made a list of the 50 things you will do in wdw (or 100)? I hope to meet you during your trip!

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Haha! I know what you mean, I was planning for 2019 but SW might not be open, GotG almost certainly won’t be… We could probably visit again in a few years though.

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I’ve had to slightly edit my 50 things to do list. It now reads:

  1. Sulk about Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge not being open
  2. Ride a rubbish monorail and think about how much better a gondola would be
  3. Visit Toy Story Midway Mania and moan about how small it is and how much better it would be if a whole Land was devoted to it



I agree with everyone. I do however think that wdw will be forever changing and it will always feel like there is a better time to go. I myself wish toy story land was open for my kids.

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Lol- I love this thread!

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Now what did we tell you about walking away from those plans? :grinning:

You will have a great time! And in 5 or 10 years time there will be even more to enjoy, and you will find a way to come and do it on more of a budget. As soon as you get back, start a Disney savings account and drip feed into it each month.


LOL I feel this way almost after every trip (which is why they make announcements like they do!). We have one later this year and are planning another at the end of next year and then we will be done until 2021 for sure. Maybe we’ll squeeze in Disneyland somewhere in 2019. The trip for 2021 will probably take some time to save for since we really want to spend a good amount of time there (more than a week :grimacing:) and we’d like to stay someplace above a moderate which we have yet to do.

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Simple solution: move to Florida. :smiley:

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I suppose you could just stay home then…

I feel your pain, but the way I’m choosing to look at it is that this will give me an excuse to revisit the park in a few years once everything is open and the hype has calmed down. I’m thinking a visit in 2025 will do the trick.

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See, you think you can’t afford to go again, but now you will have done the dessert parties and VIP tours and eaten all the things so next time you won’t have to spend nearly as much! Also, I’m sure there’s a UK equivalent to Scott’s Cheap Flights (that’s an American e-mail list by a guy who finds ridiculously cheap international fares… he recently had one for a bunch of US cities to London for $420 roundtrip)… you’ll be back!

I feel your pain. We have been a few times with the kids, but never took them to the Great Movie Ride or Ellen’s energy adventure because I thought they were too little. Oh well the way I look at, more free time in my plans to see other stuff. We will be there 8/19-8/26. When will you be arriving?

I didn’t refuse to go to NYC after the twin towers were destroyed. Change is good. It always gives you a reason to go back. I remember my second trip because we camped in FW. One park. It was fun. We did activities at FW and rode the boat to MK. We were teens and tweens. They have added so much since then. The original sky ride in MK is gone. It was a good way to see where everything was in the park. I don’t miss it though.