Walt Disney World Crowd Level questions

We have started to look at a trip in spring 2019. How big a difference is a 5-6 crowd level versus a 3-4 crowd level. Is it better to rearrange schedules to try and make a 3-4 crowd level trip work or stay with a 5-6 crowd level that fits smoothly into our plans. We don’t have any little kids, just tweens and teens, so they could handle waiting better but we don’t want to spend all our time waiting to ride only a few rides either.

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Here is an article from touring plans that explains what crowd levels mean
All in all, what matters more is having a good touring plan. The difference between a 3/4 or a 5/6 will be imperceptible to you with a good plan in hand. Someone with a good plan will accomplish more on a CL 10 day than someone wandering aimlessly on a much lower crowd level day.

For my part, given the above, I don’t pay too much attention to crowd levels to determine which parks on which days. It’s a consideration, but having a plan that works for my family in terms of how we like to tour, dining, rest patterns, etc is far more important.

All this to say: stay with the day that works smoothly into your plans, and then develop a great touring plan to lean on for that day.


My personal experience is very much in line with what OBNurse notes above. Your plan will trump all.

We typically travel to WDW the second half of March when CLs are around 7-9. This past trip was the middle of August with CLs from 4-6 and we thought it’d feel less crowded. It may have been the plan, but aside from the blazing heat, we didn’t notice a difference in crowds or same-day FPP availability (thought CLs would mean more availability).

Needless to say, we’ll be sticking with March from now on :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot. That helps narrow down our travel window.


You’re welcome :slight_smile:

I would always try to pick the lowest CL days, but I wouldn’t change the time of year of my trip for it. I’ve been when CLs were between 7 and 10. RD, have a good plan and be prepared to be a bit flexible. Also, patience for walking around crowds of people will be helpful, but a good plan will make your touring a lot more pleasant. But if there is a CL 4 day in your week and a CL 6 day and you can’t decide which to do, take the CL 4 day.

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This is ALWAYS the solution for the best experience. Be willing to get up early, have a good plan, especially for the first couple hours of the day, and then be flexible.

@Ariadne’s sentence could be called the “Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World - Abbreviated Edition”