Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary Celebration

(sorry if this has been answered, my search didn’t find anything meaningful)
Does anyone know when exactly the 50th celebration time frame will be? I know technically it would be October 1, 2021, but as we all know Disney has a history of milking these things. (I want to say I remember the 25th lasting a year and a half).
I am thinking of booking a vacation there during this festive (crazy) time since its also MY 50th anniversary visiting (I was 2, I remember SO MUCH!!! lol, not. Thank you old fuzzy 70s Kodak prints). But I would rather book it later in the celebration, to allow padding for all the new rides to be completed. And possible go at a slower (lol) time.


Well, first up is going to be The World’s Biggest Mouse Party - whatever shape that takes. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised to see them run those two together…

And I just realized that I turn 50 that year also! I was born 71 days before Magic Kingdom opened! I should start planning now!!


I believe the current thinking from Len and others is that the 50th celebration will start in January of 2021 and go through March-ish of 2022.

This wouldn’t surprise me. Their big celebrations tend to be year-long events. I expect no different for the 50th.

Exactly. If I am remembering correctly, it was on the Disney Dish podcast. Len or Jim commented that when Disney realizes it is something they can make money off of, they extend it as much as they can. And then they joked that the “Year of a Million Dreams” was more like the “15 months of a Million Dreams” and that they expected the 50th anniversary to be no different.

I seem to recall that the recent “Disneyland Diamond Celebration” (60th anniversary) lasted about 18 months.

To be fair, my wife and I will be celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary at WDW exactly 4 months after our actual anniversary. So I can’t fault Disney for milking it!


My DH and I celebrated our 40th birthdays in WDW many months after our birthdays (close to a year after).

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I love how Disney always makes a really big deal about my milestone birthdays. I’m 5 days older than DLR so love to visit and pickup “my” special souvenirs. :blush: