Walt Disney Presents question

Is the film inside HS’s Walt Disney Presents seated or standing room only?

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Seated. Usually not full at all.


Awesome!! Thank you for the info. I’ve always wanted to watch it but seated AC will make it an easier sell to the family. :grimacing:

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Keep in mind that they have seasonal films showing so it’s hard to catch the actual “One Man’s Dream” film. When we were there they were showing a Little Mermaid preview. Last year it was Turning Red preview (basically these are extended trailers).

Here’s how it’s put on the Disney website:


Thanks for the heads up!

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We’ve only seen One Man’s Dream. We’ve been twice, but not in proximity of any new movie releases. AC works wonders, and a couple of gentlemen fell asleep. :smile:
We enjoy the museum, which is right as you walk in, and I spend a lot of time looking at the costumes that are on display right in front of the theater. In 2021 we saw costumes from Descendants and in January of 2023 we saw costumes from Willow.


I love the museum and go each time we visit. I think there was one time there was a preview instead of One Man’s Dream.
It was originally a temporary exhibit but hopefully if they ever want to redevelop the area they’ll find somewhere else for it.