Walt Disney book

Hi everyone, I. Would like a great book on the man himself Walt Disney and WDW, any recommendations?

If you have not yet read any biographies on Walt, then I’d start with Bob Thomas’ Walt Disney: An American Original. It’s an older book, which while it doesn’t completely gloss over the controversial aspects of Walt’s life, it does not put undue focus on those things. Thomas had greater access to the Disney corporate and family archives than most biographers and the book was also written at a time when he had access to more Disney employees who actually knew Walt. An American Original is simply an accurate account of the events of Walt’s life, which provides a foundation for any future stories you wish to read about his life.


I am reading this book now and have read Neal Gabler’s. I am enjoying Thomas’ book much more. I would second this recommendation.


Thank you I will hunt it out

I have not read Thomas’ book, but the Gabler biography is one of the finest biographies - of anyone - that I have ever read…

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