Walmart Vs Garden Grocer

We are headed to Disney in Nov and staying for a good amount of time. We have used Garden Grocer in the past but their prices are almost double as what Wal-Mart charges. Has anyone had any experience with Wal-Mart delivery?

We used Walmart in May and I do not recommend. I selected a delivery time of 3PM - 4PM and we were still waiting for our order at 5:30PM. No email or text to let me know they were running behind or even on their way. I had to call to get information and that was a hassle. It was almost like they didn’t even start processing my order until I called. Our plan was to bring the order to our room instead of paying the $6 fee to have bell services deliver it, but since it was so late we didn’t really have a choice. I think we finally got the delivery around 6:15PM. We missed our 1st FPP for the evening and had to move our dining reservation at 50’s Prime Time to another day. I know we didn’t have to be at the resort for the delivery, but I was afraid it wouldn’t get delivered at all due to the lack of communication. We’ll probably use Garden Grocer next time.

I used Walmart for a delivery to Fort Wilderness Cabins in August and had no issues. They delivered right at the beginning of the 1 hour delivery window. The only minor inconvenience was that our cabin wasn’t ready yet when the order came and for some reason bell services won’t hold orders from Walmart (I think I read somewhere it’s because of the plastic bags). So I had to meet the driver and bring the bags in to the reception building and hold on to them until our cabin was ready, but it only ended up being for a few minutes so it was no big deal.