Walkway to Hollywood Studios from Boardwalk

Staying at Boardwalk villas in two months and I was wondering if due to the construction of the lift station just outside of International Gate exit, is it still possible to walk to HS from the Boardwalk?

absolutely, that construction is between BW and Epcot, not on the path to HS at all

I did read the other day that there is a detour near the pathway from HS to BWI. They are working on the bus stops. They said it added 10 minutes to the walk but the videos that were posted confused me.

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Thanks, realized as I read your answer I was having a major brain fart and I had it in my head that the new skyway lift was outside of HS!

I assume there is no problem going in the International entrance at Epcot? Last time we were there construction was walled off and you could walk by with no worries. Easy access is reason #1 we love staying at Boardwalk so much.

when we were there last month, people were still coming and going via IG, although we did not

Thanks for the heads up, I’ll ask when we check in and if it’s going to take longer we’ll just catch the boat over.
We have a 7:30 pm reservation at 50’s PT on check in day, and won’t get to the resort till 4pm at the earliest. I was hoping to squeeze in a few rides first so want to go the fastest way. Tomorrow is our FP day so trying to plan!

Thank you!

We were at BC through 7/22 - International Gateway was running full speed with just construction walls to the left as you approached. We boated to HS each day so I can’t say on the walking path from Boardwalk, although I didn’t note anything in particular. Given the boat path is BW, BC/YC, Swan/Dolphin, I’d presuming walking would be quicker from Boardwalk unless the detour is major. 'Course in this weather not walking has its advantages…

Yes, and early October is not much cooler!
After googling some images I see the detour on the walking path takes you through HS’s new bus stop area, and I can see that would add time. Sometimes we try to split the difference and walk over to Swan/Dolphin to catch a boat on its way to the Studios.

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