Walking vs riding train from Fantasyland to Frontierland

On a 6 or a 7 day in June which would you recommend? It will be my husband, our 7 and 4 yo sons and myself. We will have a stroller. Do you think one is significantly faster or better than the other? Thanks.

It would be faster to walk - probably only 10 minutes if you don’t make any stops along the way. But - if you wanted to take a train ride anyways, using it as a means to get from point A to B is a fun alternative.

Walking will almost certainly be faster, as you have to assume you’re going to wait several minutes for a train to arrive, let alone the travel time.

That said, the train is a fun attraction in and of itself, and it’s a chance to sit down for a few minutes on what’s likely a hot day.

The stroller may be an issue. If it’s a smallish umbrella stroller, you might be able to take it on the train, otherwise you’ll need to park it at the station and come back to get it. Also note the train schedule may be disrupted near the time of any parades.

Great information, thanks. A ten minute walk is fine. I just wasn’t sure if it would take a lot longer than that on a busy day since this is our first trip.

But if you do walk… Make sure to take a train ride anyways!!! My ds5 loves it and it is always nice to sit and relax for a min! We have a snack and enjoy the breeze, especially on a hot day!

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Way faster to walk that route because the train goes from Fantasyland to the front of the park and then to Frontierland. We liked taking it from Fantasyland to the front of the park in order to sidestep everyone lining up for the parade when we were leaving. You shouldn’t have an issue with a stroller, we took our Citi on no problem. You might wind up split up a little from your party if it’s a busy time.

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