Walking to parks

If I want to be able to walk to a park, is it possible to get an Uber to drop me off close to one of the area resorts, then use the resort paths? Are these only accessible to guests at those resorts?

I would not count on it. Even arriving by rideshare, you are likely to be turned away without an ADR.


You could get dropped off at the Swan or Dolphin and walk from there to Epcot and Hollywood Studios but for Magic Kingdom you need to be dropped off at TTC. You could walk from there but monorail/ferry would be quicker.

Without the greater context as to what you are trying to accomplish, this seems like an odd request. You just want to experience walking into a park from a resort? Or, is there a specific resort (or resorts) you would like to visit, and then be able to walk to the parks from there? While it is definitely nice to be able to walk to the parks from your resort, I’m not sure any such walk is nice enough to PURPOSELY want to just arrive to the parks via a resort walking path, especially since you could just have an Uber drop you off at the parks directly (except MK, where you would be dropped off at the TTC).

If you really want to experiencing walking from a specific resort to a park, you could just not do it at park opening. So, for example, you could go to Epcot directly, and then at some point, leave through the International Gateway and take a walk to The Boardwalk, etc.

I would guess it’s for rope drop timing. Walkers tend to have an advantage.

Ah. Okay. That makes sense. :slight_smile:

You probably wont be able to drive into resorts with a car if this is morning. However, no one will arrest you if you get out of the car near the gate or at a lot entrance etc and just walk from there, but there are not too many places to do this safelt and especially at MK/Contemporary they are quite cautious.

Walking itself is obviously not restricted, you can walk to resorts and parks freely assuming it’s an area with designates paths.

We’ve walked to EP and HS when staying at Dolphin. Not understanding why that’s an advantage though. Is it b/c we had more choice/control over what time we got there vs relying on bus schedules?