Walking to Park Questions

We’re staying at the Holiday Inn across from Universal and want to walk in instead of paying for a shuttle or paying for parking.

  1. How long should it take us to walk (2 adults and 2 college kids)?
  2. Where will we enter to get our temps taken and be processed (will we come up before or after the parking garage hub)?

It’s our third visit but first time staying off. Thanks in advance for any advice you can give us.

Welcome to the Forum :slight_smile: I hope you have an amazing visit to the parks!

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Thanks. We’re actually staying at the other one right across the road from Universal. But that answers where we’ll end up when we get to CityWalk.

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well, I hope you place is closer than what I came up with then. Cuz after a day at the parks the last thing I’d want to do would be to walk another 40 min. back to my room :wink:

That’s what I was thinking about the walking (too far). But the Inn is located next to the TGI Fridays so we should be ok (Easy to say now). Since we’ll be there over Thanksgiving, I was hoping to avoid the parking line and the shuttles that have fixed schedules. I want to get to the parks early to insure that we get in. And I know what you mean by not wanting to walk at the end of the day. We did 14 days at Disney in 2019, and I thought I would die each night just trying to make to the bus.

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dead feet are a real thing! Have you looked a deals on property? They’ve got some good ones and then you get early access to the parks.

I booked this through Costco Travel back in January in a deal they had. At the time it was a much better deal than going through Universal and staying on property. Little did we know then that COVID would change everything. It’s paid for and came with 100% refund if anything happens between now and then. Not bad considering a high fever (or worse) would ruin the whole trip.

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We’re planning a visit in April and probably staying off-site. I am planning to Uber/Lyft however. I don’t know how the walk will be in regards to traffic/sidewalks plus we’ll be doing so much walking in the parks.

I’ve walked from the Double Tree across the street in 2019. It’s doable but a hike. Head down Major Blvd/Tom Williams Blvd to the resort, take a left onto Universal Blvd. Then follow the signs to Valet Parking.

One idea would be to walk there in the morning, and Uber back to the hotel.
One thing I hate about Universal is having to walk through City Walk.

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