Walking Speed, Waiting vs Walking, and "stable" optimizations

Hello helpful touringplan people!

I am finally making FP+ reservations and trying to “nail down” my touringplans and a few questions came up.

We are two adults in average shape, HOWEVER, I am the only one who has visited the parks before (>10 years ago). I want to make sure that we are able to take in the sites and experience DW together - not just race between rides.

With that in mind, I have currently set the walking speed to “relaxed” and the waiting vs. walking slider set to “balanced”

I do not have any “scheduled breaks” other than our few ADRs which I have allocated 45 minutes to (how could I possibly know how long I’ll be at a restaurant?!). I don’t expect that we will take true “breaks” aside from brief store browsing and picking up pre-ordered food.

My last question (after searching the forum) is regarding running the optimizer until finding a “stable” plan… I don’t really understand what that means. Should I be running the optimizer ?? times until it stops changing my plan? I found this tip while looking for the answer to my other questions and I want to make sure I understand!

Any and all input is GREATLY appreciated!!!


You need to allot at least 60 mins to an ADR. We were rarely out in less than 80 mins this year even though we were seated straight away. It wouldn’t be massively unusual though for you to wait 15-20 mins to be seated, leaving you 25 mins to order, eat and pay.

You need to optimise about 3 times - until it makes no changes to the plan. That’s when the optimiser has found the optimum plan.


I would se to very relaxed and put in a 15 minute break every 90 minutes or so just give a cushion. Do leave 90 minutes for ADRs.


From a technical standpoint, the optimizer times out after a certain point to spare load on the TP servers. The first few times you click optimize it will take the longest. Once everything it getting close it will be able to compute in the given time. I would actually optimize until it stops moving things around.

However… from a personal perspective, I usually optimize a couple of times and then move things around into a more logical walking order and ONLY evaluate after that!


Thank you everyone for your help!

I learned things I never knew I never knew!

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I would budget at least 60-75 minutes for a table service meal and 90 for a character meal. 45 minutes might be long enough for a QS meal.

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