Walking speed vs. breaks

For three kids (4-7) who need frequent bathroom breaks, is is better to just set the walking speed to slowest or set breaks? How slow is the slowest walking speed?

I usually set to the slowest speed and then input a few random 15 minute breaks to allow for bathroom/snacks or most importantly random magic that might pop up. We are sometimes ahead of the plan but I prefer a bit of free time vs getting behind on the plan.


I had 3 kids about the same age in September. We did relaxed walking speed and some breaks and were way ahead of schedule. My kids were much faster in the bathroom at Disney World than I anticipated. I think next time we will insert a 5-10 minute break every couple of hours and put us on a more normal pace. I think it will all depend on how quick your potty breaks are and how fast your kids will walk when going from attraction to attraction. But I don’t think I would put in short breaks and a relaxed pace, I would choose one or the other. Oh and we tend to have a much more flexible schedule in the afternoons/evenings, so we have time to stop and smell the roses.