Walking speed for 1st timers

Good day

I am using the Touring plans and customizing them.
If I choose for instance average walking speed, what does that equate to ?

I am sure I can walk at whatever speed is required, but i have a wife and 2 daughter ( age 13, 16 ) and I do not want to make them feel that we are speeding towards every attraction instead of enjoying our time there.

Thank you

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Unless your family is completely out of shape, I am sure that your wife and DDs can manage the average walking speed.

Setting it to the slowest walking speed would allow time to look around and “smell the roses”. To me the parks are more than just the sum total of the rides, there is amazing themeing everywhere you look.

It also allows time to get distracted, restroom breaks, ice cream breaks …


If I was creating a touring plan for myself I would never set it to the slowest speed but I like that it would build some extra time in your plan.