Walking routes - any cut throughs?

I’m trying to plan out our route for MVMCP - we plan on getting to the park at 4. Anyway I’m wondering if there are any cut throughs in the walking? For instance - I’d like to be able to cut through from somewhere around the Diamond Horseshoe to get back over to where Aladdin & Jasmine will be - so maybe be able to walk through the area next to Country Bears or the Frontier Trading Post? Or do we have to walk around - meaning go all the way back out to the Hub or all the way down to Pecos Bill and around to get to Aladdin and Jasmine?

I really hope this makes sense. Thank you everyone for such great information!!

Yes, there is a breezeway/passageway containing restrooms and pay phones that connects adventureland (island supply/aloha isle area across from swiss family treehouse) with frontierland (diamond horseshoe area).

Another good one is a little used walking path that goes from the left of space mountain and emerges near the barnstormer in the storybook circus area.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you ! Exactly the information I was looking for!

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That’s great! Glad to help.

There is also a walkway passed the Magic carpets and to the left of Aladdin! We use this one a lot!

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Great information–thanks for posting!

Less stressful: Just ask any CM what the fastest way to X is.