Walking from Pop Century to Art of Animation

How long does it take to walk from Pop Century to Art of Animation? I keep hearing that the bus stops for Pop Century are farthest from the parks on drop off so it is a time saver to use the art of animation bus? Is their bus stop much closer to the parks?

We stayed at Pop on our last trip, and I considered this from time to time. The distance at the stops is probably less than the distance you would have to walk from AoA to Pop (depending on which stop and where your room is at Pop). So, distance wise it wouldn’t be advantageous. Time wise is so difficult to gauge. Who knows when each bus will arrive at the stop for pickup? That being said, there was one night that we planned on taking the AoA bus back, specifically to walk around and see the resort and take pictures. We never did take it with the expectation, or hope, that it would be quicker for us.

Thanks! How was Pop? My first time staying

It was good. We enjoyed the stay and we spent most of our time there in the bowling pin pool, not the Hippy Dippy. The food court was nice and the service everywhere was up to standard. I have stayed at the All-Stars before and I will say the transportation situation was definitely better at Pop. Honestly though, I came away from it feeling like there was something missing. Never could quite put my finger on it, there just seemed to be something that didn’t feel quite right there (not “Disney” enough?). Maybe its because we typically prefer to stay moderate. I will say this though, if we stay Value level again, it will be at Pop.

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Pop is my usual resort. I like it. It’s a fairly low-frills sort of experience, but it’s still Disney. The food court is good. The Hippy Dippy pool is loud, I wouldn’t recommend a room facing it.

As for bus stops, AOA’s stops are not much closer to the park than Pop’s. When it tends to be helpful is if the bus for AOA shows up before the bus for Pop. Assuming the line is short, you can get on the AOA bus and walk back to Pop. It’s about 5 minutes from the AOA bus stop to cross the bridge and be at Pop - in the back of the 60s section.


Thanks! Yeah, this will be my first time staying in a Value resort and I don’t have great expectations. Last time we stayed in the Wilderness Lodge so…

But thanks for the info!

We’ve stayed at Pop 3 times. We’ve since be staying DVC and have gotten used to the surroundings at the deluxes but I wouldn’t hesitate for a second if the opportunity came up to stay at Pop again.
We’ve also stayed at AoA and I much prefer Pop.

I hope you enjoy it and have a great trip!

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We’ve stayed at Pop twice now and wouldn’t hesitate to stay again. My favourite place was top floor, 50s section, facing the lake. We also used the Bowling Pin pool over the main one.

We made use of taking AoA buses a few times - leaving the parks, the position of the bus stop was right beside Pop’s, so it really didn’t save time in walking there - but Pop’s line was double a few times compared to the line at the AoA stop so we took that bus. As said, it was about a 5 minute extra walk but the grounds at AoA are worth seeing.

Loved Pop as a solo traveler. The theming is very cheerful and fun, my room was comfortable and well appointed for the price, and I liked the food court. I never ended up taking an AoA bus back from the parks. But on my departure day, I had some time to kill and walked over to AoA to check out the grounds there (I’m a Little Mermaid fan, wanted a picture of the Prince Eric statue :slight_smile: ). In total, walking from bell services at Pop, across the lake, along the lake to the LM buildings, spending a few minutes gawking like a tourist, then strolling through the Lion King area to return, was maybe a half hour.

I would say for many people staying at either Pop or AoA it is worth crossing the lake to check out the other. Both are fun to explore, both have good food courts with different things to try, and they were originally supposed to be one whole resort area so they’re very close.

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      We stayed at Pop in 2014. I agree with you about regarding 

feeling as though something was missing. I just didn’t feel as immersed
in the Disney experience as I had at the other resorts we have stayed at
throughout the years.

We are heading back again this summer in July and are planning on
staying at Port Orleans (1st time there), and we agreed that if we’re
going Value Resort on future trips, Pop is the ONLY choice for that
category, based mostly on the Bus. Weird reason, I know.

I am totally in the same boat as you. Even down to staying at Port Orleans for our next trip. French Quarter for Halloween. And I am not saying pop was bad, it definitely wasn’t, we enjoyed it. Just that feeling…