Walking from Contemporary to MK

It looks so easy - just go out the front door, cross some streets and you’re in the bus drop off zone, right? Except there’s a path that goes all the way around the parking lot and seems to meet up with the entrance of MK.

So what do we do? How do you walk there? Also, can you take the monorail from Contemporary to MK?

You can take the monorail but you would go to the TTC, Poly and then GF before MK. There is a sidewalk and direct path to the front of MK. I would say it is about a 10 minute walk?


So stick to the path and don’t cross to where the bus stops are, then?

I heard there’s a special security station from the Contemporary. Is it better to be in that line in the morning than with the rest of the crowds?

Exit the CR at the parks bus stop, walk past the bus waiting area and there is a paved walk way to the MK entrance.
About ten minutes, much faster than the monorail.


I went on February 22nd and the special check was not open. They made us walk past and go with the whole group. You will stay on the right side, there is a crosswalk to cross the street and you stay on the sidewalk. The buses are on your left . There would be a road between you and the buses.

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Okay, thanks.