Walking distance in Animal Kingdom

Hi there! I am planning my family’s first trip to WDW in August and am having a hard time with my touring plans for Animal Kingdom.

I was doing pretty well until I managed to get an unexpected FPP for FOP on the weekend. Now if I optimize my touring plan it has us criss-crossing the park all day long. I’m trying to fix it up to make it more efficient, but don’t quite have a sense of the size of the park.

How long would it take to walk from the Kilimanjaro Safaris to Expedition Everest? How long from the entrance to Pandora?

Thank you!!

KS to EE is probably a solid 10 minutes.

Entrance to Pandora probably 5

DH & me 10mins, but with the kids 20mins

Thanks! That is helpful. I had it in my head that the park was way bigger.