Walking at end of plan

Again, sorry for the stupid question… At the end of my touring plans, there is still a walking time of 13 minutes, where am I walking to if I have finished my last item of the day? Is it an estimate of how long it will take to get out of the park? For example, last item at AK is Gorilla Falls, does that mean it will take 13 minutes to get the park entrance? That would be helpful if it true, but if not… where am I walking to?:footprints:

It would probably take about that long to get to the front of the park at a leisurely pace.

Care to publish your plan so I can see directly what you are talking about?

If you’re talking about the walking time listed out next to that attraction, that’s the walking time it’ll take you to get there from your last location. If you’re referring to the walking time at the bottom of the plan, that would be your total walking time.

here it is… http://touringplans.com/plans/print?id=2075221

I thought that the walking time was after… not before. Because I start my plan at 9:30, but I don’t arrive at Dinosaur until 9:42, then I have a walking time on 1 minute until I hit Dinosaur a second time.

(Dont’ ask about the Dinosaur twice thing, it’s a promise I made to my Hubby…)

You may be right… It’s possible I’ve read it wrong this whole time! I guess I’ve never paid too much time to the walking times honestly, I’ve just always made the assumption that’s what they meant.

So then… where am I going? lol. I’m just morbidly curious now. I was looking at it because I have 5:30 reservations at Ohana, so being done at 4:10ish at AK gives me lots of time to get over there. It makes me feel better if I need to make a beeline to the gates it’s only 13 minutes out of the park and then the estimated 30 minutes on DisTrans to the poly. That means I have about 45 minutes of play in my day (haha, that rhymed!) :ghost:

I guess we’ll have to rely on @OBNurseNH’s or someone else’s help lol I can’t believe I’ve never paid better attention to that :joy:

The walk time is the time to the next attraction. In the case of your last attraction, it is the time to get back to the park entrance.


You’re assuming you don’t have to wait for a bus. 15 min walk to the bus stop, 30 min on the bus (or less), I would add in another 20 min buffer if you miss a bus, or it’s full. I would allow 1 hour between locations - at a minimum.

That stinks, But at least my TP is ok with it being over around 4:15ish and Reservations at 5:30. :cat2: