Walkie-Talkies in WDW?

We’re thinking of bringing some walkie-talkies for our 7 day trip in mid-Dec. Is it a reasonable option? Is there too much traffic for it to be usable?

If you don’t mind everyone and their brother able to listen in on/participate in your conversations, it could be useful. But I’m supposing you are doing this for the benefit of keeping tabs on kids, rather than using cell phones? I’d be leery. Predators are known to listen in on those frequencies. If you have an exchange like this:

Dad: “Are you guys done?”
Son: “About five more minutes.”
Dad: “Okay. When you get done, meet us over by the Space Mountain restrooms. We’ll be there as soon as we’re off Pirates.”
Son: “Gotcha.”

And now, anyone knows where your son will end up.

Saw a lot of people using them 2 weeks ago. Can’t say whether they were truly useful or not but saw many being used.

Yeah, we aren’t going to leave our kids alone. They’re too young (9,7,5). This would be more to coordinate different groups during Rider Switch or if one group wants to ride while the other goes to get a snack etc. My parents do not do texting, so this would be the step between calling them every time.

In that case, I can see the usefulness of it. If you don’t already own them, I recommend getting ones that have as many channel options as possible, in addition to appropriate range.

(Having one with TOO LARGE of range means you have more potential interference. Having one with too little range makes it ineffectual!)

I could see having fun with this! Just coming up with code handles might be fun.

“Jedi Master to Padowan.”
“Padowan here.”
“Princess Leia’s got her Mickey Ears! I repeat, Princess Leia’s got her Mickey Ears. Meet you at the That’s No Moon!”


We used them many, many years ago…my niece was 6 at the time and is now 19! But mom and dad were ‘Mission Control’, DH and I were ‘Shuttle 1’ and my sister and her kids were ‘Shuttle 2’. We’ve just resorted to cellphones now, but it worked well once upon atime…


We used them the first 2 or 3 visits. DH and I would split up in the parks sometimes, each taking one of the boys.

Back in those days, we automatically got hit with roaming charges if we used cell phones, so it seemed a good way to contact each other. We had several frequencies to choose from, and we often heard other conversations - in several languages!

Now we all just text each other. But if it works for you, go for it. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Same for us … once cell phones came into the picture the walkie talkie became just another thing to carry.

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