Walk up lunch @ Beaches & Cream

How likely is that to happen during low CL day (CL 2-3)?

I’m about 62 days out and have reservation finder set, but wonder if walk up will be feasible without a tremendous wait.

I’d like a good, quick-ish lunch close to (but not in) HS and really would like to try Beaches & Cream if I can.

Beaches and cream is small inside. A walk up for a table will probably be hard. But there is a take out window.

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I have heard that there are often open seats at the bar for lunch.

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For the take out window, can you use a QS or TS credit? Also, do they offer only ice cream at the take out window or other food as well?

@nolacrazygrl, we are in the same boat. I really want us to experience this eating location but I am doubting our ability to get a reservation.

It’s the only time the reservation finder has failed me. It’s a tough one because it is so tiny inside.

I rec’d my ressie finder alert today and scored a 2pm lunch slot!! So excited! :grin:

I really don’t know what I’d do without this site