Walk from Mk to CR...or another option to WL quick:)

Walking from mk to contempory... Not far right? Good path? Need to leave party next month to put baby to bed at WL (he's kinda on team mommy right now 😍) ... Dh could pick me up at contemporary right??? What would you guys do... Fastest/easiest way to WL and then back to party... Thanks!

Why not take the boat or bus directly to WL?

Thought it might be faster? Is boat pretty fast? Does it run all evening?

It is a nice walk from MK to CR. We walk a lot when staying at BLT or CR. CR is also the first stop on the resort monorail from MK if you're too tired to walk or the weather is bad. I'm not sure about options to WL at that point though.

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We've always used boat with party and unless you just miss one never waited more than a 10-15 minutes. car might be faster, but I like simple.

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Perfect. That's exactly what I want to hear smile