Waiving Unused FP+ Reservations

I understand that you can’t begin picking up additional in-park FP+s until you’ve used the 3 pre-scheduled ones. With this in mind, can you waive one or more FP+s to get yourself to a point where you can get more, or do you have to wait until they’ve all come and gone?

Here’s an example, to take it out of the ether:

  1. Plan is to go to Animal Kingdom, so we get Kilimanjaro at 10, Everest at 11, and Dinosaur at 1:30.
  2. We knock out the first 2 but decide we’d rather go over to MK, arriving at noon.

Would we have to wait until the Dinosaur FP window to come and go, such that we couldn’t get any more FP+s until 2:30 or so, or could we go to a kiosk at MK, tell them that we’d like to forego that third FP+ opportunity and start fresh?

Does that make sense?

Pretty sure you could still cancel the unused one through the app but I haven’t tried. If not, you could go to kiosk at AK after using 1st two and change dino to soonest available time of any attraction so it will expire sooner.

If memory holds the way to do this is to cancel them on the website, not in the app. This will then “use” the FPP reservations so that you will be eligible to go to a kiosk and book your “4th” FPP, either in your original park or at a park you hop to.

What I would do would be get something for whatever at 9, Kilimanjaro at 10 and then Everest at 11 – this way it’s done.

We are doing that for Hollywood studios. We don’t plan on getting there until late one day (lunch at dinosaur first) but I booked a morning FP and then a Toy Story and Star Tours for when I will be in the park. This way, we can use those and grab another one right away.

Did I explain that OK?

You did, although I was really asking for the instances where we have every intention of using all 3, but we decide to call an audible and don’t want to wait for the last FP to expire. If I was planning on only using two from the outset, I would absolutely do what you described.

You could reschedule your third to the time you decide to leave the park. By the time you travel, your FPP time would nearly be up anyway. Sorry I can’t answer your actual question, I’m not sure, but this would be one work around. You don’t have to use the third one, the time just needs to lapse.

I’m confused by this too. I thought I read somewhere that if you don’t use a fast pass during your scheduled time, it moves your time to a later time automatically or changes it to a different attraction. This didn’t really make sense though. But, that had me worried about DHS because I don’t really need all 3 FPP and we’re hopping elsewhere in the evening and may want to grab a FP at a kiosk for our second park. If we don’t use the 3rd one, what happens…

Cancel the third one and it will be “used” in MDE so that you can get a 4th FPP at a kiosk at the second park. This way you do not have to wait for the window of the 3rd FPP to expire.