Waits for Character Meets at MNSSHP

My kids would like to meet characters at MNSSHP, but they don’t care much which characters.

Are there any characters where we can expect a wait of less than 30 mins? (I know there are no guarantees.)

Ariel and Prince Eric was not bad, maybe 30 min, at 8pm.
Gaston was light, maybe 20 min, at around 830pm.

Jack and Sally was insane in the beginning, so I’d skip them if you’re not totally interested.

We got all of the characters done in Tomorrowland and Adventureland between 9 and 1030 and the waits for all but Jack Sparrow we’re maybe 15 minutes. This is, of course, when most folks are on main St watching Hocus Pocus, Parade, and fireworks, so it made sense to us. We saw the parade and HP show after the 1015 fireworks and the place emptied out fast. Everything was a walk on at that point.

I have two girls, 7 and 5, attended party on 10/7, it was sold out and felt like it at first, but then got slow post fireworks. Hopefully this helps!


We met Jack Sparrow right at the start of the party with a short wait of 10-15 minute

And he was worth every second we waited. He took his time with us, chatted us up, and was funny and entertaining

Winnie the Pooh and Friends was about 30 minute wait heading directly there after the fireworks. Took a few minutes extra because we hit them right before they went on a break, so that added about 5 mins on to what we would have waited. This was also a very worthwhile wait.

I feel like we met one more, but apparently it didn’t leave a tremendous impression because I can’t recall who it might have been.



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