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First time doing this, so I’m not sure how to go about it…we want to stay in a BLT theme park view studio room next January 6-11, unfortunately the nights of the 8th and 9th have no availability. Is it best to waitlist the whole time? Or should I make reservations for the nights of the 6th and 7th as well as the 10th and then separately waitlist the two unavailable nights?

I think a waitlist with less dates will have a better chance to come through. If you waitlist 5 days, only 2 days available, I think those days will be given to other who only waitlist those 2 days.

If it were me, I would book 6th and 7th. Book another place for 8th, 9th and 10th and waitlist those 3 days. If waitlist come through, call to have those 2 reservation merge. That way, I would have a place for the whole duration and if wait list does not come through, I only need to move once.

Make reservation for the 6th, 7th and 10th and waitlist the two unavailable nights will work. But I would make a reservation for 8th and 9th then waitlist. The reason I would not do it that way is because I don’t like the idea of moving twice (even though the chance of the waitlist coming through is higher)

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You are welcome.
I also wanted to mention that some DVC members reported that they were able to book the room of choice before the waitlist comes through. So it is worthwhile to still check availability on your own (I did that several times a day for my last waitlist).
If you have additional points, that’s easy to do. You just book the desired dates and cancel the other less desired reservation. Then call the MS to merge the reservation. If you don’t have enough point to book, that’s a little more tricky. May be easier to call MS as soon as you see availability.
With Poly opening up, you will have a good chance having the waitlist coming through. Good luck!

Thanks for the tips. I’m hoping that many people booked at 11 months with the plan of switching at the 7 month mark to a different resort, which should also help

This may definitely be a possibility, especially since booking for PVB opens up soon. I’m sure there will be people looking to switch

Success! The waitlisting already cleared, so now I have exactly what I hoped for!

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