Waitlisting a DVC Room

We are staying at OKW in a studio from 12/5-12/10 and will be adding on the dining plan (2 adults…1 child…1 infant)

We are currently floating the idea of driving down a day early and see that there are no DVC studios available on 12/4. We may try to waitlist a studio room, just to see if we could get it. Right now, we don’t think we want to add a night at OKW because that would require us paying for another day of the dining plan since we’d be getting in later in the day. So…my questions are:

  1. Which DVC resort would give us the best chance of getting a studio room on 12/4 (Sunday evening)?

  2. Our first park (Monday…12/5) is AK…so would it be valuable to stay at Kidani that Sunday night to be right there at AK? Odds of getting a room there?

Just looking for some advice from folks who have waitlisted before in the past. FYI…my wife and I have stayed at Kidani before and loved it. This will be our first time taking our kids to WDW. Thanks!

I’d recommend opening a conversation with David’s (DVCRequest.com). If you sign up for their specials, they will email when there are last minute deals available.

Most often these are for OKW and Saratoga.

They are very nice & might be able to give you some professional guidance on the chances of this working.

I’m assuming you have rented points, rather than being an owner yourself.


Yes, we are seasoned renters and that’s how we’re staying onsite this trip as well. I get David’s emails about last minute specials…so we may look at that if it comes around. Part of me is hoping WDW will release room-only discounts for December in a few weeks like they have for the last 5 or so years. That would make it much more appealing to stay in a moderate or deluxe without forking over an arm and a leg. Plus it may give us a chance to stay somewhere we haven’t before. Of course anywhere we stay will be new to our kids with it being their first trip.

If we do decide to waitlist a resort like Kidani, BLT, or BCV…we’re hoping that because it’s just a single night and a Sunday that we’ll get lucky and have something come around.