Waitlist Question

I’m trying to create a waitlist for three nights. One of the nights is currently available and it seems the website wants me to book that night and then go back and waitlist the other two nights.

Is there a way to create a waitlist for all three nights on the website?

Since I know you all are about to ask why I don’t just do it this way. Well…

I currently have six nights booked in a preferred room category and I’m trying to get it switched to a standard view to save some points. I’ve managed to book the first three nights in the standard view by piecing it together one night at a time.

I had a waitlist for the last three nights with the stipulation that if it went through it would cancel the preferred view six night reservation. I foolishly canceled it, big mistake….

You’ll have to call to create the waitlist.

Funny thing, I did. And after 45 mins of explaining this scenario to the member service I ended up with a waitlist for the entire stay. (Face palm…). The representative just couldn’t understand why I had so many reservations for single night stays, and kept telling me that I double booked rooms and I shouldn’t have done it this way. It was a lot of talking in circles.

The main problem with piecing together a stay like that is there is no guarantee they can keep you in the same room each night. They try to, but you, worst case scenario, would have to change rooms every night! (Probably not…but just be aware of the possibility.)

When we went in 2020, we had one night that was booked separately from the rest of the stay, and so we had to go down to the front desk and “check out and check in” in person to confirm we could stay in the same room. It only took a moment, and we did get to stay in the same room, so it worked out for us.

Once it’s all settled you can request they merge the reservations and it will all become one reservation, and you won’t have to move.

Example: I recently had two nights booked at the end of my trip at BWV in a garden view deluxe studio. I needed the night preceding those two nights to complete my trip. I created a waitlist and stalked the site, and while I was in the air on the way to WDW in April, the waitlist came through. My dashboard now showed two reservations with distinct numbers - one for a single night in a garden view deluxe studio, and one for two nights in a garden view deluxe studio, stringing three nights together but leaving open the possibility I would have to move rooms.

When I got home I spoke with Member Services via chat and asked that the two be merged. She submitted the request and a few days later my dashboard updated, and now shows a single reservation with a single reservation number covering all three nights. I won’t have to move.

Caveat: all of the bookings have to be same resort and same room category

This is my experience too. It seems that what Disney doesn"t want is for you get all but one night of your stay in your preferred room catagory and then ask to saty in the same room.

That’s great! Knowing for sure ahead of time would be helpful.

Also meant to say thank you for the quick reply.

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I did this recently with a shorter stay at the Poly. I emailed Member Services with the reservation numbers and details. It was merged within 48 hours.

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Same - this is what I did for a previous trip and it worked out well. I had booked single nights and then once I found the night I needed in the middle of my trip, I called and Member Services merged it together into one reservation.

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Update. The member service representative I talked to today looked over my reservations and knew exactly what I was trying to do without me explaining it to her. She created a new waitlist for me and submitted a merge request for my other single night reservations. Including hold times I was off the phone within 25 minutes.


That’s awesome. It makes such a difference to have an experienced CM on the other end of the line.