Waitlist came through Disneyland here we come!

For those that believe VGC can’t be done without either owning there or walking- DATE FLEXIBLY IS KEY! This was our second successful attempt in a year and both times we were able to get rooms albeit not studios but we weren’t trying for those either.

We knew our target date range based on the point chart…because we are limited to value season due to borrowing restrictions-we had a month of dates to play with. I know I know its January- February not optimal weather, school ect but they were available at 7 month window.

Being online at exactly 7am EST. Learned last summer from trial and error to world clock running seems apple and DVC disagree by about 45 seconds. This made huge difference if I got the error message that it was too early and to refresh and start over anything that was available was GONE. Like any DVC weekend dates are easier to come by than weekdays. This year 1st attempt got full 4 day weekend in 2 bedroom first shot and immediately waitlist full week in 1 bedroom on the just incase kids would rather have more time than bigger room…

Well after talking to kids just about a week later 1 bedroom and a longer stay was the way to go…checked availability for first full week available set my alarm and at exactly 7amEST modified reservation to the full week in 1 bedroom but now a full week after the original reservation so added a waitlist. Got the call last night we have the 1 bedroom dates we wanted for a full week.

The waitlist may have been a fluke but so far the dates are there 7 months out! Availability is no worse than popular WDW resorts.

Never say never!