Waiting on poly dvc rental points

New to this planning as its our first trip to Disney. Planning for 10/16 @poly. Have submitted request for dvc rental store and waiting over 2 months for someone to sell me points. 7 month mark is 3/16. Is it likely something will become available then or should i just book a room through disney?

I know it’s hard but if you can be patient, hold out for the DVC points. You’ll enjoy a significant savings.

We waited til the 7 month mark to reserve BLT and BCV so I can vouch for the stress of not knowing if you’ll get what you want. We got the rooms for the dates we wanted. October is not too busy relative to other times of the year so there’s a good chance you’ll get it, IMHO. If you were holding out for Beach Club or Boardwalk, I’d say it would be a long shot because of F&W at that time.

Do you have back up choices if Poly isn’t available?

I am stressing a bit about that. I was looking at WL and POR. I need to sleep 5. I am worries about teavel time. We are spending the majority of our time at MK and we have 3 small kids.

You could always book through Disney, then cancel if points become available.

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I waited it out too for points to be matched for the Poly for our stay the last week in Sept. It was a hard wait but we got it! I think we got our’s matched up the day or two before we hit the 7 month mark. We had some backup choices for BLT and Wilderness, but REALLY wanted Poly so we were super excited we got it. Can’t wait for our trip to get here! Everything so far has gone smoothly using DVC rental store too. Just ticking down the days now till we can make our ADRs :smiley: