Waiting list for DVC rental- can I make a back up reservation?

I requested to rent DVC points via David’s vacation club rentals. They said they had availability but they didn’t have the points right now, so I was put on a waiting list. I was thinking of booking directly with Disney and then canceling the direct Disney reservation if the points become available. Do you think this strategy would work or would it mess up my potential reservation through renting DVC points? Any feedback is appreciated.

I’m not sure how the point inventory as a whole works. But, I’d recommend choosing one or the other and not try to utilize points from both systems. It could clog up the process.
Have you checked the pricing for going directly through Disney? I assume it would be at rack rate.
We’ve used David’s for 5 or 6 trips and they’ve always come through, even when I thought it wouldn’t work out.
Did you give them 3 or 4 choices for resorts?

The direct from Disney and DVC rooms come from separate inventories, so you would not be hurting your chances if you go ahead and book through WDW Reservations

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disney1974 Thank you for your response. I gave them 4 choices. They had availability for my 1st, 3rd, and 4th choices, but no points. The room I was thinking of booking directly through Disney is a regular room, not a villa, so I wouldn’t be trying to use points from both systems. It would be at rack rate but at least I would have something if I couldn’t get the points from David’s. I was concerned that if I already had a reservation under my name for the same dates that David’s might have trouble processing my reservation. Any issues you see with that?

Thank you brklinck!

There are no problems with having multiple reservations for the same time period under the same name - people do it all the time. Also, have you tried one of the other points resellers? If I understand the situation correctly, the rooms are available to rent from DVC, but David’s has no owners on their books who are willing to rent their points to you at that time. You could also look into renting directly from a DVC owner.

Thank you. I went ahead and booked with Disney and I’ll cancel if if get the points through David’s.

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Have done David’s twice… create a fully refundable plan, while waiting - first time had POR while waiting for BLT, 2nd time had AoA lion king suite while waiting for AKL