Waiting in lines with kids

I will be going with the family this Dec (10-16) and couldn’t get the FP for FoP at AK. I am planning on RD it but I know we will still be faced with a looooooonnnngggg wait. My kids will be 7 and 9. Do you think the line will engaging enough to keep them occupied and happy or what suggestions do you have for line games, etc?
Many thanks for all your help

If you arrive at AK at least 60 min before rope drop (90 min is better), you will wait outside the park and in entrance way and be in the queue for only 15 min. I recommend eating breakfast and doing other parts of morning routine that can be done there (sunscreen, kid’s pony tail) at park entrance. Kids really like the bubble wands but not all adults do. In the queue, you can use technology to occupy them. Rock, paper, scissors will keep mine busy for awhile, too.

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Breakfast and routines are GREAT ideas! Thank you for that!

That has been my strategy for RD with little ones. The night before, I setup their clothes by the side of the bed. I also prep breakfast and all the snacks the night before and if I can, I will even setup the coffee maker (for the grown-ups). Then, next morning, we get up, get dressed, grad our stuff and head to the parks. While we are waiting, we will eat, get our hair done, ect.

The other things I like to bring is Trivia games (either on the phone or on paper). Everyone can play together or in teams against each other. I also like to go over the plan for the day with everyone, ask them about food, if they want to see a character in particular and then make sure it’s in the plan.


I have yet to ride FoP as it didn’t exist when we went in 2016. I am going in March and will book a FP if possible 60 days out. From what I understand, the wait for walk-ups can be in excess of 4 hours. Not worth it to me. Eventually when the ride has been around for a while it might be worth an hour or two wait but with kids. No Way! The only other thing I could suggest is too have one person wait and then bring in your kids when you get closer to the ride. Most people understand if the kids are young. Older kids, Not So Much.

Also, keep looking for those FastPasses. There was nothing and one, pouf! Scored four for the time I wanted. Just keep on checking when you have time to waste. And check for smaller parties; they might have two left and then two left for 10minutes later.

Someone recommended to me the app called ‘lots to do in line’. I haven’t got it so I’m not sure how good it is. I want to spend my first trip abroad and at wdw with my family… not staring at devices.

That’s a great idea, I have been afraid to break the party up and get FP for just a portion of us. I just felt like it was a big gamble, but you are right, it would be much easier to get for a party of 3 and then a party of 2. Thanks!

Good point, I’ll also check out the app in case of emergency!

We tried to get the FP as soon as our 60 day window opened and nothing as open, but we are a party of 5, so maybe that was part of the issue? Anyway, good luck and I agree, we aren’t spending 4 hours in line for anything. I have heard that if we are there 90 minutes before opening, we should be fine.

My kids are a little younger but we will play games like “I Spy”, and my sister grabbed one of those Disney Spot It games like this - https://www.amazon.com/Spot-it-Disney-Princess-Words/dp/B00J0V11CQ/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1510417039&sr=8-4&keywords=disney+spot+it+card+game

My kids also like it when I ‘draw’ shapes or letters on their backs and then they have to guess what they are. I also find that soothing touch like this helps keep them feeling calm. You might also want to take along a notebook & ask them questions about the trip so far while writing it down in a little trip diary - what has been their favorite food so far, their favorite ride, what didn’t they do yet that they are really looking forward too, etc. Or you could write down a few postcards to family & friends back at home while in line.

Incidentally, don’t give up on finding FPP for FOP. I found a pair of FPPs about two weeks before we arrived. Another strategy is to look for smaller numbers of FPPs that overlap.

As for FOP itself, it’s one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had. It is as close to flying over an alien world as you’re ever going to get. Incredible.

We did it twice. The second time we cut short a Universal day and drove over to AK just to do it again. In the line we met a couple who claimed they’d found a pair of FPPs that same morning.

Thanks! I’ve been checking 4-5 times each day to get a FP and just no luck so far. I’ll keep at it and keep my fingers crossed!