Waiting for Fall RO Discount Risks No Room Available?

I’d like to spend two nights at AKL followed by three nights at the Beach Club the last week of October 2015. In both cases in a 1 bedroom villa (will be three adults in the room). Based on last year’s dates it looks like it will be the end of June before the discount is available. Do I need to worry that all the 1 bedroom villas will be sold out by then on the nights I want to stay?

I haven’t decided if I want to try to layer RO discount with booking through Orbitz or try to rent DVC points- would one give me a better chance of getting the rooms I want?

Renting DVC points would definitely be the least expensive way to go, but at this point it is unlikely that you would be able to rent points to get these rooms - check out https://www.dvcrequest.com/how-soon-should-i-reserve.asp for when you usually should book DVC rentals by.

I thought that the RO discounts are already out for that week. with the FD offer

I’m crossing my fingers and toes for a RO discount. I had planned on renting points for the end of Oct or start of Nov but there is already no availability for any of the resorts I wanted. As of a week or two ago, my only option would have been Saratoga Springs.

No, they have just released Free Dining. RO discounts will probably be released in July.

FD discounts this year seem to have excluded the week you are talking about, so no guarantee that there will be RO available at that time, either, sorry.
If you really want it, your best bet is to book now - try for DVC points first, but if that doesn’t work, might as well book with Orbitz so you at least know you’ll get what you want.

Thank you all for the information! I appreciate all the advice. I haven’t been to Disney World since I was in middle school 20+ years ago and it seems way more complicated than I remember with making dinner reservation 6 months in advance and the Fast Passes and all the ways to get hotel rooms.

they have started emailing out PIN codes for the fall and winter. I got one last week (that I don’t need). There’s no exact science to getting a PIN but it doesn’t hurt to do a few things that may up your chances. Make a my Disney experience account if you don’t have one already. request a vacation planning DVD, book a few ADRs (which if you are considering a trip, make dining now - that week will get picked over very soon b/c of FD being that week), price out rooms and maybe even leave a trip in your shopping cart. Often times when I do all of this, I will get a PIN emailed to me or in the mail.
You may also want to request a quote from magical vacations travel. I booked through them for the last week of Oct this year back in Jan. I don’t know if they will have rooms left but they were booking deluxe rooms (beach club was definitely included, probably not the villas but the regular hotel rooms) at good discounts. I booked a standard room at Poly from them at about 37.5% off rack rate.

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I’ve been doing everything in my power to get a PIN! Still nothing. I’ll take yours if you aren’t using it :wink:

I wish I could give it to you!! it would be nice if they let people share them :smile:

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I’ll try all of those ideas- thanks!

In case you were interested in free dining, looks like a bunch more rooms are now available - rooms that were first held and never paid on. I see a lot more availability this morning but still not the resorts or prices I want but they might work for you!

Just an update on the fall/winter PIN codes. I got one last week for my October dates, but wasn’t able to apply it to my reservation at CSR (standard view Business Class). But I was able to apply it to the water view Business Class room I reserved for DMiL. I hope the fall general public RO offers don’t exclude our room, too! :neutral_face:

No villas at the Beach Club when I wanted, but was able to get 2 regular rooms at a discount from Magical Vacations Travel and the 1 bedroom villa at Animal Kingdom Lodge through them. I was already too late for the renting the DVC points. A little more expensive than the DVC points would have been, but several hundred dollars saved over what I found on Orbitz (or several other sites) even with a discount code.

Thanks for the advice!

Glad you were able to get something booked! Did you buy tickets through them too?Our 6 day tickets were cheaper than Disney price by about $135 for the 4 of us and it includes a free day to the water park for each of us.

I got the tickets through Undercover Tourist. They were having a 4 day ticket for the price of 3 day ticket sale; it was $84 less than the Disney price for 3 of us. Now I just need to find an airfare deal!

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