Wait times way off

Are all the app times terrible? I got in a line that the app had as 52 mins but it was 2 hrs 20 mins as Disney had posted.

Welcome to the forum! I have found that usually the TP “expected “ time is more accurate. Mainly because Disney is reporting the time someone entering a ride vehicle at that moment just waited, and TP is reporting how long you will wait if you are entering the line. What TP can sometimes not know is if the attraction is having an issue. Sometimes I will look at a line and know TP is wrong (but that is not what usually happens).

What attraction was this and what time of day? This week?

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It was Millennium falcon…about 6:30 a.m. we would have never gotten in the line knowing it was 2 hours+… your incorrect info wasted our morning. Disney’s posted time was correct so it wasnt a ride issue. I’d like a refund of the $16 I paid for your service.

This is a forum with subscribers just like you. If you would like a refund I would suggest you contact Touring Plans directly. I don’t know if there is a better contact but I would try: webmaster@touringplans.com

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@PrincipalTinker your answer was perfect and PC which is what this site is all about. But my first thought was that if someone rode at 6:30am but joined TP at 8:00 am it would be hard for it to be TP fault. Unless where it says joined 5 hours ago is incorrect. I know it is probably frustrating waiting in any line that long.


I was referring to the app… you are correct, I joined the forum later to inquire on the issues with the app

Just as a possibility - on the app, were you looking at a predicted wait time on a touring plan, or were you looking at the wait time on the page for the park.

Everything here works on data and real time updates from users in the parks. Typically I have a lot more success with info shared on the lines app than on Disney’s app, but it is most certainly not perfect (disney is a beast so definitely hard to predict and report accurately all the time).

Sorry your first experience with the app was negative.

Millennium Falcon is the newest ride and there isn’t enough data for TP to predict this attraction accurately. Maybe they should be more up front about this for brand new users. Crowds this week are higher than they’ve been since this ride opened a few months ago. The estimated wait times at your other attractions should have been much more accurate.

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It’s an awful shame you had such a bad experience as to want a refund. I’ve been around here for nearly 10 years now and have learned so much from this great group of people.

Be well.


My personal experience has been that the wait times in the TP app are on average more accurate than the wait times listed bu Disney, but I have seen many times where one or the other or both are way off.

If I was just using TP for the real time wait times in the app, I wouldn’t find it worth it. The real value is in the Touring Plans, CL levels, advanced predicted waits, forums, and chat. I have learned so much from my 3 years here.