Wait times really this great?

Just looking for some reassurance from someone who’s been there, done that… My touring plans for Jan 30-Feb 2 have practically no wait times for anything outside WWOHP. We’ve got little kids so we’re certainly skipping many things, but even so it’s saying we can crank out everything we want to do before lunch at the relaxed walking speed. Does it make sense that if we’re only doing one park per day, we can finish that park by noon (not including Harry Potter)?

WWOHP is the main draw for us so if this is truly the case, I’ll be in heaven. We’ve got three days so that’s one day for Harry, then two half days to revisit the Wizarding World.

You are going on weekdays between MLK week and Mardi Gras, so I’m not surprised that you will have no wait times to speak of. Enjoy it, lucky duck!

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