Wait times question


It has been 4 years since our last visit. I am checking out wait-times and am a bit shocked…do people really wait an hour for Its a small world and Journey into imagination?

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When are you going?

Hi. We will be there from May 25-June 3rd.

I am looking at waits now…they just seem really long…we never ever waited for SE or Imagination in the past. Is this a result of booking FPP?

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Seems long for those rides but maybe I’m missing something. I’m sure an expert will chime in!

I just refreshed and Imagination is now 20…maybe it was a glitch?

That seems more reasonable!

20m for Figment is far from reasonable.
(couldn’t resist)

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I do agree! We like it just fine but I certainly would not ever wait for it!

Haha well yea but I do love it! And had a FastPass for it ( not needed.) also my 5 and 2 year old thought it was great and still talk about the smell.

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Yes, I think it is a result of FP. In the past, the line for such rides would reach equilibrium at 20 min. or so and it would be fine. Now there’s a lot of people who "need’ to use a 2nd or 3rd FP and so they say “Spaceship Earth via FastPass, sure. Why not?” when they wouldn’t otherwise ride the ride.

TL;DR - There are a lot more people who “want” to ride such rides because they are FastPassable when they would never wait 20 minutes for them.


Yup recently got back in March and the family ended up waiting almost an hour for Small World. A couple of hours later it was back down to 20 min. All depends on time of day and a good plan. Family went during a time I didn’t originally have on the schedule.

Epcot we had a FP for figment for the sole purpose of trying to use 3 right away and pick up a 4th soaring. Not sure what the line was but Figment looked a lot longer than I had anticipated, was happy I had the FP.

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