Wait times just skyrocketed in my touring plans

Is it the raised capacity? I had pretty awesome touring plans for June and I refreshed them this morning to find huge waits even if I’m at the park an hour before opening! It looks like I’ll get one ride in before every headliner is over an hour. Crowd levels are between 3 and 6 and they haven’t changed so is touring plans just assuming higher wait times because there will be more people and not enough shows/restaurants/meet and greets reopening?

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I would keep an eye out for a blog post. There have been reports from the park that this last increase has been impacting wait times.

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In the parks since 5/15, Saw longer wait times in HS and EPCOT than what I had been expecting. MK times were mostly as seen on TP.


Oh no this will be me too. Better go update.

My first MK day was pretty much the same although I thought the way it ordered things this time made more sense so I’m keeping this one. But WOW my next DHS day, triple the waits it was. A half-day went to a full day of literally standing in line for 30-60 min for every single ride including whatever I rope drop 45 min early.

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Oh wow that’s awful. Hopefully it won’t be that bad.

I’m sure this is different for you but I had a similar experience for my May TP but it was because the park adjusted the park hours and my “early” arrival was now an hour late. Once I adjusted my TP start time, things went back in line.


Nope this is the legit thing for me. I will say this sucks as now I cannot nap (and I have two DHS days to split it out and half the park just went from 814am-12noon for lunch and then leave for a break to 815am-5pm to get in half the attractions). I’m super bummed. I hate that kind of touring. If this is what it’s gonna be as they increase capacity they need to increase hours and have some kind of FP system again. I’d pay for it.

Edit: I would totally come back late evening for a few rides if they’d extend the hours past 8pm. I have dinner at 6:30pm though so as it is, that’s not an option.

Honestly, I think that something will change in the next couple of weeks to absorb some of the capacity and waits. Otherwise they will get lots of negative guest feedback. Whether that’s more shows and shops opening, or a FP return of some sort is anybody’s guess. They seem to have been going for a 30 min wait target.


Ugh. I’m scared to go update my TP times now. Maybe I just don’t… :sweat_smile:


I decided I am not looking.


I suspect a CL update is coming soon. Hopefully there are a lot of people in the parks reporting wait times.

Yesterday on chat one person reported that every actual wait time was about 15 minutes longer than the expected wait time on their plan. Can’t remember which park that person was in, though.

I’d kind of like to print them all out before updating them to be able to compare. Is there a way to do that without going into each one individually?

I have decided there’s not a whole lot of point to it. I am thinking of doing that Using TP as a To Do list thingie I saw a while back from the TP Blog


ha ha ha. Ignorance is bliss. Until you’re there…LOL


Maybe they will increase park hours too??? hopeful thinking, evening in the parks is lovely.

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Glad to see that I’m not the only one. Our AK day just turned into a dumpster fire.

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Yes, agreed. I would be good with that. I am 100% down for some post dinner rides so I can take a break during the hot/crowded part of the day but that’s impossible with an 8pm closing. Plus nighttime rides on ToT and SDD are super appealing.

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That would be good. 7pm close nightly for AK in summer is just stupid, and the other parks aren’t much better either.


Hmm… this just got me thinking.

If park hours are shorter, guests may be less likely to utilize transportation options multiple times in each day, opting instead to cluster their hours to either the beginning of the day - say RD to 3ish - or the end of the day - later arrival to close-ish

If guests are using less transportation in the middle of the day, they can cut down on both staffing and vehicles. This saves dollars. And closing earlier saves additional staffing hours.

Is it possible this all feeds into the park hours decisions??