Wait times in Disney app gone?

I was playing in the Disney app…is this a new “feature”, or just a temporary glitch…but when I look at the list of wait times and switch to the list view, it doesn’t actually show the wait times…just the rides! But the map view shows the rides.

I haven’t been paying attention to if this is normal now or just a temporary glitch.

I show wait times

On the map…but what about when you click on Show List?

Oops wrong pic

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Okay. Interesting.

Android v Apple? Glitch

Could be. I just experimented more. If I filter the list and hit apply, the wait times show up the list for maybe a half second then vanish. I restarted the app, but same thing. So I definitely think, then, this is an app glitch.

On Android and got the same thing. Oddly, the first time in there were no wait times listed at all. I had to close and reopen.

I just reported the issue to Disney.

I have Android 12. Not sure if the issue is unique to this version or all Android versions.

I think there is some problem with the app, at least for android, this morning. None of my reservations for August are showing up, but they’re all visible on the website.

Disney got back to me and said they are aware of the issue and working to have it fixed in the next update.

Good deal. I was wondering about this. Thank you for the update.