Wait Times in Dashboard vs Lines app

ok, i just about had a heart attack … Wait Times in AK jumped to like an HOUR for every attaction in my Dashboard Touring Plans … but my SIL reported that the wait for Na’vi was only 5 min! i checked the Lines app and that showed the wait times VERY SHORT as expected. but the TP Plans that i had made went crazy with inaccurate long lines this morning … so definitely check the Lines app against the TP on park days!!

Glad you looked again. When I read your post I looked at wait times and only saw longer Pandora attractions. Were they showing preopening times? That would be based on last night.

i have no idea … i honestly felt sick about it thinking they wouldn’t have time for ANYTHING this morning … YIKES!!!

it didn’t make any sense for a 6/10 park day right at opening!! so i figured something must be up …