Wait times...for food?

When did this happen? Places to eat weren’t listed in wait times when we were there a couple weeks ago.


But this is a GREAT idea!


I believe it is a new addition. Wait times for walk ups?

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Yes, exactly. I’m an ADR kind of girl, but I think this is a very great addition

Even with an ADR I always had to wait - I am interested to find out what this wait time actually means.

I believe this was added so that people don’t have to visit a host stand to ask about the wait and leave their name. It’s a social distancing measure right now. You mobile check in to ADRs too.

I listened to a podcast this morning. You can be added to the list when you are in the area. That time is the expected time from being added to the wait list to table.


That is awesome. When we were at Universal recently, we accidentally wanted to eat on Sunday afternoon when everyone else did. Lines for everything were huge. We could have used that.

At this point, it only appears to be TS places at some resorts.

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