Wait times...for food?

When did this happen? Places to eat weren’t listed in wait times when we were there a couple weeks ago.


But this is a GREAT idea!


I believe it is a new addition. Wait times for walk ups?


Yes, exactly. I’m an ADR kind of girl, but I think this is a very great addition

Even with an ADR I always had to wait - I am interested to find out what this wait time actually means.

I believe this was added so that people don’t have to visit a host stand to ask about the wait and leave their name. It’s a social distancing measure right now. You mobile check in to ADRs too.

I listened to a podcast this morning. You can be added to the list when you are in the area. That time is the expected time from being added to the wait list to table.


That is awesome. When we were at Universal recently, we accidentally wanted to eat on Sunday afternoon when everyone else did. Lines for everything were huge. We could have used that.

At this point, it only appears to be TS places at some resorts.

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How soon can I check in for a reservation?

If you’re driving up to a resort it will depend upon the gate guard, sometimes they won’t let you in to the resort area very early. If you’re coming through internal transportation it doesn’t matter. They prefer virtual sign in for your reservation and you will be notified on your MDE app when you can check in. But you can always walk up to the hostess station.

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Thank you! I’ll be internal. I was wondering if it was like mobile ordering where you need to put in your order before you actually want your food- making sure a time slot is available when you will want to eat, and saying that you have arrived 5-10 minutes before you actually have.

If what is said in this thread is true, then it looks like a 35 minute wait at those restaurants after you check in? So that would seem to indicate to me that I want to check in for my reservation as soon as it will allow me, even if I won’t actually be there for another 15 minutes or so. Then maybe i’d only have to wait 20 minutes instead of 35.

Is this a correct train of thought?

I wasn’t paying attention to how long we waited to be seated. We didn’t preorder for TS I know some TS are allowing Mobil ordering. QS seems to take longer cuz you place your order, let them know when you arrive, and wait for them to let you in to get your food. Well in the parks. Resort QS is different but someone else will have to chime in on details for that.

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I did a few ADR’s. Never waited more than a couple minutes, checked in 5-15 mins before reservation.

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The wait times in the app are for walk-ups to TS restaurants.

So if you don’t have an ADR you can see what the wait time might be and then join the walk-up waitlist. You’ll be notified when a table is available.

Or you can scan a QR code outside the restaurant and join.

(It isn’t to do with mobile ordering to go, which is also a thing now for some TS restaurants. Neither is it to do with waiting for an ADR).

This is a DFB article that explains it, plus some other dining changes.

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Aaaah okay. I misread @PrincipalTinker’s comment about the podcast. It’s all coming together now!