Wait time - optimization question

I entered a very basic plan to see how this is working since my last trip in 2018
I entered Slinky and Mickey/Minnie railway and said I’d be at the park at opening

There are no fastpasses for my date (early July)

The wait for the first attraction (Slinky) is shown to be 69 minutes

I realize it’s a very popular ride, but 69 minutes right at rope drop? How does the queue build THAT quickly?

I don’t expect to be first in line (obviously MANY people will pick it as their first attraction) but are they saying it COULD be that long if we’re one of the lasts ones to get there at opening?

Set your plan start time 45 min before opening if you plan to RD. That’s when they usually start letting people in.

Thanks for the suggestion - however that actually INCREASED the wait time.

I got a message saying my start time was before official opening but they would assume the ride was open, and yet the wait time went up.

Setting it at an hour before increased it as well.

I have to conclude that they are setting expectations - that is, given the large number of people that will make it their first stop, they expect the line to build quickly. I still think it’s sort of a “worst case”; that is, once all the people who make it their first attraction get in line, that will be the wait time for that “last person”.

If I set it LATER I suspect my time will go up too.

This might be helpful. You can look at actual wait time patterns scrolling back.


Thanks much for the link - VERY helpful!

I played around with various start times (10AM, 1PM) and the wait time was fairly persistent at 65-70 minutes.

Now to be fair to the software / programmers / data analysts , I’m sure the unknown about July capacity plays into this as well.

I’ve used “Lines” the last two trips and it was fantastic so I have no objection at all. And I will absolutely use it this time - with no FPs to get we can keep modifying all the way up to the morning we enter.

Your link is VERY helpful and will be bookmarked!

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Yep, historical data is great for reference for accuracy. The green dots are actual waits submitted by users. You can get the exact wait time by hovering on the dot.



I’m actually going to be re-optimizing in the parks when I go in June, I think. Something I didn’t feel was needed in Jan 2020 with a good fast pass strategy.

I think I’ll put all my “must do’s” in a separate touring plan and optimize that on the run, then have a separate one where I’ve added in my “if there’s time” items that I’ll switch to when my “must do’s” are done. Something like that, anyway.

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Great idea - I that idea as well.

I’m very glad I posted here! Thanks to you both!

EDIT - and good for you amvanhoose for getting your trip in last year before the pandemic. Our last trip was 2018 and we had to cancel our planned 2020 summer trip


We are so thankful for the memories from that trip! We look back at the pictures and are just awestruck by how much our lives were about to change!

I’ve been monitoring the waits this week during Spring Break. If you are at the very front of the pack SDD is about a 30 minute wait. After about one hour after park open it goes up to 90+ minutes.

It’s giving you the estimated wait if you are in the “middle” of the RD pack headed to that ride.

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This is too depressing… we have never been ones to wait in long standby lines. :worried: