Wait time not working right for FPP with CS on FOP?

I’m hoping to get a FPP for FOP with Grandma, DH, and the kids. (If we can’t get FPP, we’ll skip doing FOP together my husband and I will go back to AK one evening without the kids.) If we get a FPP all together, my youngest is too short so we’ll have to do Child Swap for everyone else to ride. For a (projected, hoped for, though probably unlikely) 9:15 FPP it lists a 33 minute wait and a 6 minute ride time. When I add CS, it still lists a 33 min wait but increases the ride time to 17 minutes. Since you have to wait in the FP line 2x when doing a CS, it seems like something is wrong.

Do you think the TP is not working right here? Shouldn’t the wait time double? I know that FOP wait predictions have been sometimes off due to a lack of data, but even if it’s not able to accurately predict a wait time for FOP, I would think that wait time would roughly double when you change it to a CS situation.

Also, does anyone have any guesses of how long it would take to do a FPP with CS on FOP in the am? If it helps, I’ll be there in Mid-May. I’m roughly guessing 1.25 hrs but I’m really not sure.

I asked this question a while back and I think I was told to expect roughly 45 min total to do it twice with FPP…I’ll see if I can find the old thread.

Thanks @staceyrose55, but our trip was back in May so no need to look it up on my account. We ended up not doing CS; I took my youngest on Navi River Journey while the rest of our group did FOP with a FPP.

Aha! Don’t know Why i didn’t notice that! Hope you had a great time. :slight_smile:

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