Wait Time for The Seas Exhibits?

I’m working on our Touring Plan for March 21, 2016 and it is giving me a wait time of 15 minutes to see The Seas Exhibits after Turtle Talk with Crush at about 10:30 am.

If my memory serves, you are just deposited into the general Aquarium area after Turtle Talk, so I’m wondering why there is a wait time? Is it because of high crowds during Spring Break? It delays the rest of our touring plan to spend 30 minutes there, 15 waiting and 15 doing.


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not sure on wait time maybe time to get pics with Bruce, etc ??

The only two “lines”'are for the ride and Turtle Talk; the rest is a series of exhibits that you walk around and look at. Maybe there’s a wait if you want to hear one of the CM talks. I typically spend about 30-45 minutes looking around, but my undergraduate degree was in biology, with a strong emphasis on marine biology/ecology so I probably spend more time there than most…

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