Wait time for Sci Fi without ADR?

I cannot get an ADR for Sci Fi the week before Easter. I currently have Reservation Finder looking for one, but what do you think the wait time for walk up would be on the Tuesday before Easter around 4:00? (We are 5 adults.) Tuesday was supposed to be our “day off” so it is a slow start and then maybe pool/Disney Springs. We ended up getting an extra day of park hopper passes, so we are going back to HS in the evening to catch Indiana Jones and the Star Wars fireworks. I would love to be able to do a late lunch/early dinner at Sci Fi! If not, I guess we’ll keep our ADR for Raglan Road at DS.

Your big risk with no ADR is there is no room at the Inn and you can’t get in at all. Going at a slightly off time like 4PM does give you a better chance, but it would likely just depend on their cycle. We’ve had better luck with no ADR of getting in when they first opened for lunch. Hopefully the reservation finder hooks you up, but if not I would have a contingency plan that you’re OK with if they say “NO!”…

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I’d keep checking regularly yourself, and times will come up as people cancel duplicate ADR’s, but I’d have a back up plan, because I don’t think you’ll get in. In the week leading up to Christmas we had an ADR for 4pm, we showed up about 3:30 asking if there was any chance we could get in early, there wasn’t and they were running 30 mins behind, we were able to cancel our ADR with no penalty, I managed to book another ADR for a couple of days later when we were coming back for the evening entertainment.