Wait time for MF in app?

I am impatient and just can’t wait until tomorrow- will the app start showing Smuggler’s Run and the wait time?

Also, is MF the correct abbreviation for Millennium Falcon Smuggler’s Run?

In the past, attraction wait times have indeed showed up on MDE on opening day, so you should be able to see wait times beginning tomorrow morning.

A lot of us have used MFSR, MF:SR, or just SR or MF.

I was actually talking about the Lines App.

Ah - well it should be there as well.

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According to TP statistician, Fred Hazleton, any wait times for new attractions are based upon previous attractions of similar popularity opening and are just estimates. It’ll take a couple weeks for the dust & FOMO to settle and then they’ll be able to get better data.

I think “What’s the MF wait time?” has a nice ring to it. :wink:


When are we gonna get on that MF ride?


Let’s go take some MF pictures!

180m right now

F. That. Noise.

All these MF snakes on my MF MF ride

This late into opening day, 3 hours is a pretty tame wait time.

Im not waiting in it, but its not competing with the terrible wait times of the other big Disney openings yet :wink:

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Well they did the “boarding party” thing and SDD and FOP is at 70minute wait.

Low attendance all around?

That’s a long MF wait time!

Or are you saying the line is 180 meters? That doesn’t seem too long.

yes :smiley:

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It is interesting that at 10:51, I can join the Boarding group for the afternoon still.

Are crowds really that low? Is Dorian to blame?

This early, I don’t think Dorian would have much impact. Except for the people bailing completely on vacations. Obviously no telling how many that would be

In some ways, I would think Dorian might drive today’s crowds HIGHER since those who were planning to do Saturday/Sunday might be inclined to move up their HS visit. But, who knows.

I’d love to see some photos from someone there right now to see what the crowds in Batuu look like.

There are photos and reports in chat.

This is some rumored mythical land I’ve never been to nor seen.


It’s the wild west. A lawless wilderness

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