Wait time for March 4th Mickey's Runaway Railway

We’ll be at Hollywood Studios at park-opening on March 4th. We hope to head directly to this new ride. When I plug this into plans for that day, I’m given a 90-minute wait no matter when. I realize there’s no way to know what the lines might be for a yet-to-be-opened attraction, but I was curious where the 90-minute estimate might be coming from, and if there was any insight or comparisons for park-opening wait times for a brand-new attraction of this type.

It’s going to be an anxious start to the day trying to get a lower-number Rise of the Resistance boarding group and hoping to not have a huge wait for this new attraction!

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As much as I love Touring Plans, there’s really no way to know how long this queue will be. I highly doubt it will be only 90 minutes. I’d put a 180 minute “break” in your plan and call it MMRR queue. (even that might be conservative)

Also, MMRR is currently not offering any FPP options and there’s a rumor that it may also be using Boarding Groups / Virtual Queue. This would force ppl to choose between RotR or MMRR - neither having a standby queue.

The opening day of any new attraction is an insanely crowded day. You’ll not only have tourists on vacation, but locals, media & “influencers” that will storm DHS so they can go on social media and say they were there on that day.

This will make all of DHS overcrowded - not just SW:GE & MMRR. If you really insist on being there on 3/4/20 realize that your TP will be a “guide” more than a set itinerary as it traditionally works.


Thanks for your input! When planning, we had one day to visit this park during this week, and all of the crowd calendars were giving us this day as the best bet, so that’s what we scheduled. I don’t think they’ve factored in what you are describing. I hope we won’t have to deal with a one-or-the-other situation, but we’ll just have to hope for the best at this point.

Perhaps there may be an advanced-date preview for all the media, etc… to mitigate that effect some.

With both this ride and Rise of the Resistance being “scheduling wild cards” for us, there’s really no effective touring plan, only information I can use as a general guide. We’ll just have to see how fast our legs will carry us to the Chinese Theatre that morning.

AP newsletters went out earlier in the week and there was no mention of previews. While I’m sure ABC, Disney’s media outlet, will have filmed something soon, the local press and all the “bloggers” that want to get their “clicks” won’t have advance access. They’re going to crush down the gates. It happens each & every time a new ride / Land opens. :frowning_face:

If MMRR does allow for a standby queue on opening day and you’re serious about trying to do it, I’d strongly advise being at the park gates at least 2+ hours before opening. There will be ppl camped out as early as DHS will allow them. (usually as early as 2am - 3am - definitely no later than 5am)

As soon as anything is announced you’ll surely see it posted here or other outlets - like MDE

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I saw the same rumors about it being opened with a virtual queue. The difference between this and ROTR is the capacity at MMRR should be high enough that the virtual queue stays open all day.

This is assuming it isn’t going to have breakdowns or that they will max out BGs on the first day - something I’m not sure they’ll attempt on day 1. — Not trying to argue / troll :smiley:

I just love talking about this stuff!

The night before, on the 3rd, the park is closing early. My guess is that is for media.

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Ok, I freaked out and moved all of our plans to the following day! Thankfully was able to reschedule our FP reservations without much shifting! Thanks everyone!


Completely agree about Day 1, doubt it’s open all day if they choose BG.

It makes a lot of sense to do it this way for all new rides.

I’m hoping it’s a lot more stable than ROTR but I think having less moving parts will help.

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Be sure to poll your party ahead of time which ride is more important and mentally prepare them for only doing that one just in case. Then, consider it a bonus if you get to do both.

We went into our Disney trip last month with just a couple high priority goals each day but tons of contingency plans and it led us to an amazing “WOW! I can’t believe how much we accomplished today!” place instead of FOMO.


Absolutely agree! That’s what I was saying about ABC and such. The other “media” I’m referencing is the tons of locals that all have their on YouTube Channel / Twitter feed / Instagram and will be trying to get first day content. They’ll swarm on all of this like locus.

Super advice. I might be the one from our party to benefit the most from it!

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I don’t see any reason to believe that only one virtual queue can operate at a time. Other than the potential for confusion, it would be perfectly possible to duplicate the code and have two rides with a VQ in place.

The reliability of MMRR will probably determine whether or not they use one. Although VQs are now beloved of TDO in general, so who knows.

I think stand-by only would be a better decision though, assuming the reliability is reasonable.

The 90 minute estimate will be based on you arriving at the gates of the park at rope drop. Just as that’s what it shows for riding FoP at rope drop.

You would want to be at the park 30-60 minutes before park opening time, to try and be near the front of the pack.

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True! But the prediction is that DHS is going to put both of these in a “Tier” forcing you to choose to help them with crowd control.

Having worked Ops for multiple theme parks, it sucks when guests yell at you because they are in a 4 hour queue. IME - it’s better for them to know right at park open if they are going to ride or not. Plus, if they are in queue for that long they aren’t buying food / drink / souvenirs - so I get why TDO prefers BGs.

If you are confident that you will be one of the first in line at rope drop (meaning get to the park an hour and a half before opening) and will be within the first 50 or so on the ride, you can finagle the plans a little to reflect that. I put in a “fake fastpass” at park opening time for the ride I want and make sure its at the top of my list. It should reflect a much shorter wait time. This is all assuming though that you’re willing to show up early and be one of the first :-). But I did this last year in my MK plans for 7DMT and it was very accurate that way!

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This may be true after the ride has been open for a few weeks. However on opening day you can expect ppl “camping out” overnight. Getting there 90 minutes early isn’t going to work on opening day. :smiley:

Smuggler’s Run is working well with stand-by only though.

And although a regular BG usually means you will get to ride, you don’t really know when. Unless you follow the tables that @SteveBloom is producing, which is a tiny proportion of hardcore planners / fans. Even then, things seem to be pretty unpredictable recently, just as it looked like things were improving.

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Just announced!! MMRR is going to have FPP! They just opened up… Grab 'em while you can!! It’s a Tier 1 attraction along with MF:SR and SDD… GL!!